Taking out a home loan can be a nerve wracking experience, particularly for first-time buyers. The key to making the experience stress-free is by contacting a Nest Quest mortgage broker.

At Nest Quest, we have a dedicated team of mortgages brokers that understand the stress of purchasing your first home. Our team take the time to understand what features you’re looking for in a loan, while also guiding you through the entire loan process, including a pre-approval.

With access to over 40 lenders, including the major four and non-bank lenders, our team can find a loan that suits you.

It’s important to know:

Are you eligible for government assistance?
There are a variety of both state and federally funded concessions and grants for property buyers. For example, the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) scheme can be a significant aid to first-time buyers.

What is the minimum down payment?
It’s important to find out the down payment amount for your dream home. If you don’t you’re borrowing capacity, speak to our team today and we’ll help you find out.

How much can you afford to repay?
Our Loan Repayment Calculator is a great way to work out how much you need to pay and whether you want to do so monthly or fortnightly.

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